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Forbes magazine recently published a post listing the 10 skills of great leaders. I think most of these skills are applicable to all of us, not just those of us who are considered as leaders.

My favorites of the ten are:

“Lift up your co-workers. Be the person who inspires those around you to do a great work. This could be as simple as giving a compliment or sharing a personal thought on the project.”

No one wants to work around someone who grumbles all of the time. We all have things that we don’t love about the work that we do. It’s better to do those things with the best attitude we can muster, and really enjoy the success of doing things well.

Be a strategic thinker and solve problems. Companies and people turn to leaders to implement change for the better. Hone your strategic mind and train yourself to seek solutions when faced with problems.”

In some companies there is a pervasive culture of “it”s not my job”. In other companies, especially smaller ones where people try to cross train so that everyone can help out when things get hectic. Which one do you think creates a better environment? In my experience, the atmosphere that encourages people to think outside the box a little is the one where I feel more rewarded by the work. Where I get to do things I didn’t know I could do.

Have humility. Don’t take yourself too  Take the blame where you deserve it. And recognize that you aren’t and will never be 100% perfect. These qualities make a leader trustworthy and like able.”

Everyone makes a mistake sometime. If you make a mistake, own it, and do everything in your power to fix it, to make things right.

I particularly identify the one about learning to delegate. Too often I see people unwilling to let some of the tasks on their list go to someone else. They often end up overwhelmed and unable to perform all of the things on their to do list. Don’t be afraid to let some things on that list go to someone who might be more qualified for that certain task.

And don’t dwell on the things that go wrong, remember all the things that have gone right!

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