Showing Thanks at the Holiday Season



At Central Communications, we believe in saying Thank You. This is the perfect time of year for that. As a company  it is not always as easy decision as to how to  find ways to thank our customers and clients for their business.  So what should YOU do to say thank you? It is not always easy to make the right choice but we have a few ideas that might be the perfect way to show your gratefulness and thanks at this holiday season!

First, set a budget for gifts based upon the size of your business and how many customers  you would like to “gift”.  If sending a gift to each of your customers is too much for your budget, what about a special  holiday card?  You can  go online, design the card ,order them online, and at some places you can even have them sent out directly from there. If designing a card is not something you feel comfortable with what about a local  specialty store where they can help you with the design? If you are like me, I love to design and print my own Holiday cards, but I am not sure that would be cost effective for a company with a larger customer base.. For those very special customers, how about including a gift certificate to a catalog, store or restaurant?

Another idea for a great gift is an item that is imprinted with your business name or a specialty item.  A calendar, specialty chocolate bars, mugs, all of these things can be a nice little thank you, and a reminder every day of your business. If you really have a good budget, there are wineries who will put your company label on a special bottle of wine that is only made for each season. If you know a certain client has a charity that is near and dear to their hearts, a donation made in their name  of  money or a piece of equipment could be a very personal and unique present.

Or maybe the best gift is just taking the time to buy your customer a cup of hot chocolate, or a lunch. In this era where we do so much of our communication via emails, texts and social media, taking a moment to say Thank You in person may just be the best gift of all!!.

Holiday gift ideas from central communications