Setting up an Answering Service Account With Central Comm.

virtual receptionist, answering services irvine, answering services San DiegoAt some point you decided you need help with  answering your phones. You may want an answering service, or perhaps you need more of a virtual receptionist. Central Comm can help you with either one.

You call our company and say, I need your help. What happens next? First we meet with you and set up a comprehensive guide, a list of questions and answers that you would like for us to have on hand in the case of a call.
This set of instructions can be simple or complex. It is not our habit to simply answer the phone so we can tell your callers that no one is here, call back later. We work with you to establish a decision tree of what you would like to happen in various situations. In the case of a virtual receptionist service, we go a step further and with your input, we build a list of extensions, who gets what type of calls, how to notify those specific people that a customer is trying to reach them, and instructions as how to deliver that message.

From there, you leave everything to us as we take your calls, record and email written drafts for you to view when you get back to the office. If you have a meeting but you’re expecting a call, let us take the call. That doubles you’re over-all business and keeps you on top of all your clients needs.


To review, you call our company, ask for help, set up an account and let us take care of you. It’s as simple as that.


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