Restaurants and Virtual Receptionists


Restaurants are in the business of serving sit-down, carry-out, or delivery meals to patrons not necessarily to answer phones. 
When deciding on a restaurant, customers sometimes call to inquire about menu options or current specials.  Customers also call to place orders and make reservations.  All the while, your employees must balance answering phones, preparing food and serving patrons who are in the restaurant.

Today, more than ever, people are placing take out or to go orders, so the phone is steadily ringing.  Who is should answer it? That’s not always an easy question. If the hostess is taking calls, then she isn’t seating the in-house patrons. If it’s the waitstaff answering those calls, then they aren’t taking care of their customers.

There are some restaurants made the decision to have a single an employee to handle to-go orders for an entire shift. Sounds like a good idea on the face of it, but they have to take the calls, get the orders to the kitchen and get everything ready for the customer before they arrive and can also become overwhelmed.

At Central Comm, we think that having the phone answered by an unhurried, professional receptionist who can answer questions could be the perfect solution to keeping a busy restaurant humming along.

We’ve developed restaurant call center solutions with the food and beverage industry in mind. Allow us to handle the phones while you manage, market and create the kind of meals and dining experiences that will make for happy patrons.

Give us a call and we can work with you to develop a plan for your restaurant .

Central Comm

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