Practical Business Advice for Attorneys

Are you an attorney? Are you tired of working for a big law firm? Are you ready to branch out of your own? Do you know how to run a business? You know how to work with the law, you went to school for that, but I will bet anything you didn’t learn much about marketing, advertising, hiring staff and keeping the staff you hire.

Before you run out and hang up your shingle, these are all things you will want to learn more about. There are companies out there who will help you with the more practical matters of the day to day operations of a firm and one such company has a website called How To Manage a Small Law Firm. They help Lawyers build and operate a new firm. At Central Comm, we also help Lawyers to get their firms up and running by serving as a virtual receptionist and answering service.

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This firm looks like they have some sound ideas on just how to build your law firm, and where they can actually help you with that process. We at Central Comm can tell you something that I am not certain I saw on their website, and that is this. No matter how smart you think you are, not everything is going to go smoothly. So make certain that you have enough funds saved to carry your business for about 6 months. And then add a couple months more in there. Understand that you will be very poor for a little while, but if you put most of your money back into the business, hiring the right people, or in this case hiring this consulting firm to help you find the right people, and saving where ever you can, these things will help you build a strong foundation for your law firm to become profitable and thrive.

Don’t forget that YOU are the best advertisement for your business, so, for the first year or so, you will have to network like crazy. And don’t forget to follow up with all of those nice people you have met at networking events.

And last, but certainly not least, give us a call, we will make certain that your phone is always answered in a polite and professional manner, and for some of your new clients, that is a great way to make a good first impression.

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