Pleasing Customers

Thumbs up for bracesPleasing customers does not always mean saying “YES”. Sometimes there are tasks customers ask us to do which are outside of our area of expertise. In those instances, our answer will be “No”.  We can usually point them in the direction of a company which does offer that service.

At Central Comm. we have learned from our mistakes. Ninety percent of the time, as long as we stick to what we are good at, and don’t venture too far, we are golden. It’s only when you venture into uncharted territories where we get into a fix.

The same goes for our customers. If they have a client asking them to do something they are not equipped to handle, and they won’t have time to get up to speed before the particular service must be activated, they will say “No, Thank you, but I will help you to find someone who does do that.”

Believe it or not, we get just as many referrals from a customer that we may have had to say no to, as we do from those we say yes to. Now , don’t get the idea that we say no very often, we don’t.  Nor should you. But if something is really outside your comfort zone, then you won’t do a good job, and you will create an unhappy customer

We don’t want that. At Central Comm, we want our customers to be happy, and we want to make your customers happy as well.


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