Photographers and Virtual Receptionists

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I happen to know a few photographers and I admire how hard they work. Their work is priceless when it’s done well. Photographs evoke feelings, bring back memories and make our lives richer. If you’re a photographer, you probably already have enough on your plate working with reluctant children or wayward animals never mind that you spend hours  editing those  photos. The last thing you need when you finally have that perfect image is to be interrupted by your phone.

Have you ever thought about hiring a virtual receptionist to handle those incoming calls?  Having a receptionist can help with scheduling appointments, answering questions, and when you turn over your incoming calls to a virtual receptionist, you won’t have to worry about distractions during a photo session or event.

You might think that this is totally out of your budget but think of how much work you can do during those uninterrupted hours.  And to be honest if you look at it financially an actual assistant will cost you between $25K and $40K per year. However, depending upon your call volume and the scope of work, a virtual receptionist might only cost you a few hundred dollars per month.

Answering services and virtual receptionists are not just for attorneys and physicians any more. All different types of business are hiring us to keep their business going and help keep them on track.

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