Phone Services For Home Based Businesses


When running a business from home there can be some unique challenges. On common complaint is because you work out of your home, there are friends and relatives who still don’t understand that you do actually have a real job. They figure if you are home, even if you are in an office in your home, that you aren’t really working. Add to that list of challenges barking dogs, crying children and other distractions.


Often times, the majority of home-based businesses are one or two-person operations. Thus, making it all the more difficult to work ON your business, not IN your business. Couple that with answering the phone, and you end up with a very long work day and perhaps a stressed-out business owner.


As your business grows, orders for products or services have to be filled, while simultaneously there is a need for someone to take care of the customers who are calling.


virtual receptionist, dispatch services for busy companies

One can prioritize answering the phone calls, which in turn interrupts your flow and causing your work to take twice as long (if not more) as it would have if you were able to work through. What can one do?

A virtual receptionist could have answered the phone and provided basic information for your customers to make it easier for you to keep on doing the thing that you do best. If the caller just has a basic question, and you have worked with us on the answers you would like us to use, then there will probably be no need to call them back.

If, on the other hand, the caller was unable to get a hold of your, it could be they will give you one more try and then move on. According to research by firm Telcompaper, only 25 percent of callers who actually get as far as your voicemail box will bother to leave a message.

Hiring a Virtual Receptionist, or at the very least, an answering service,  means having the flexibility to service one or one hundred callers with real, live humans that can take messages and answer inquiries, giving those callers a reason to become long-term customers.

Any home-based office looking to move to the next level can benefit from the help of an answering or virtual receptionist service. No matter if you’re doing graphic design or running an eCommerce shop, answering services can give you increased reach and the appearance of being a much larger and more prestigious organization with very little additional expense.

Central Comm at your service.

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