Phone Calls Are Important

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Central Comm is a phone centric company. It’s our mission to answer phones for companies, whether they be big or small. But I have noticed something. There are many 20 somethings who never use their phone for phone calls. They text, they Snapchat, they Instagram and they use Facebook and Google + but they don’t talk on their phones. I am a little older, so I have no problem calling someone on the ¬†phone to set up a meeting, check on their day, offer my services, so I was a little taken aback that a magazine would write an entire article on the importance of actually communicating via phone.

Yes, phone calls to someone you don’t know well could be a little awkward. Without being able to see the caller’s face, somethings could be misinterpreted. Especially if you’re like me and have a very special sense of humor. Facial expressions let the person I am chatting with know that I am probably just kidding, but over the phone, some of my wittiness can get lost. ¬†Therefore, I make certain I only get witty on the phone with people I know well.

Hearing someone’s voice can be a comfort in times of stress. But the act of making that phone call, can actually cause stress for some people. Dialing the number, waiting for someone to pick up, and then what to do when they don’t pick up? Leave a message? Send a text? Hangup and call later?

Thankfully we don’t have those types of issues here at Central Comm. We gladly answer our calls, we professionally answer your calls, and if the person for whom we answer phones doesn’t not like to talk on the phone, we can deliver messages via text, email, fax or whatever other method they prefer.

But as a company who is not afraid of phones, let us offer you one piece of advice. Phone calls create connection. They show that an effort is being put forth on your behalf to make a true connection with the person you have called. So, if you are a 20 something, take that smart phone of yours and use it to call people. First call your Mom, then call some of your closest friends, you might have to text them first to tell them you expect them to answer the call. And then take a deep breath and call that person you want to interview with, or that potential customer whom you met at last week’s networking meeting.

It’s okay, you can do it!!

Central Comm