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If you have ever been a new parent, you know that, especially with your first child, your pediatrician is on speed dial. If you are their pediatrician, what do you do when a panicked mother needs you in the middle of the night? 

New mothers, no matter their age, are almost always worriers. This precious new baby is crying, or hot with a fever and the Mom or Dad is frightened. If they call your offices in the evening hours, our company offers HIPPA, fully compliant, Pediatric Answering services. The pediatric practice answering services  ensures  that your practice will have dedicated, professional operators to take your after-hour calls.

So … how does it work? When your calls come into Central comm, we will gather all pertinent information you need from the caller, including caller name, patient name, phone number, and reason for the call. If the call is an emergency, we will dispatch the call to you or your on-call doctor. For all calls, emergency or not, we will get the messages to you via email, SMS text, or both, depending on your needs, thus documenting everything we do for you and your patients.

Need us to schedule appointments?

No problem! Parents often need to schedule, or cancel appointments for their infants. Wellness checkups, shots, maybe those 1-year boosters need to be rescheduled. If your office gets a call from the mother of a child has a fever that isn’t breaking and you want to schedule a same day consultation before it gets worse.

Central comm can customize your script to fit the needs of your business, so that our operators have different choices to pick from depending upon the nature of the incoming call.  Our team of experienced operators work around the clock to ensure there’s always a kind voice on the end of your phone line. Our employees are well trained and they can quickly discern whether they have a true emergency call or whether it’s something that might be able to wait.

Then they can forward the caller on to whomever you’ve designated as an on-call contact while detailed messages are taken for the issues that can wait. If your on-call pediatricians schedule changes based on the day of the week or the time of day, we can customize that as well. If your callers ask a lot of questions about payment options, accepted insurances or services you offer, we got you covered.

At Central Comm, we are here 24/7 so you have the option to use our services full time, or, as a daytime overflow service, as well as an after- hours service. And we can do more than just answer phones. We can also verify appointments, and give directions to your office, as well as answer questions about office hours.

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