Order Fulfillment

Virtual answering services are not just about taking messages.  They can also help your business with customer service and order fulfillment.  Professionally trained assistants can provide a myriad of services to help your business grow.  Outsourcing the taking of orders and processing those orders can be an unbelievable time saver and allow you and your employees to spend time on other priorities such as marketing and research to further build your business.  

MP900309605Central Communications will work with you to design the perfect “system” to handle calls that involve processing orders for your products or services.  This will range from asking the required questions in order to get the correct data, as well as being able to give answers to any technical questions asked by your clients.  The information is geared to what you want and what your clients need.  By providing our virtual assistants with detailed information, they can give your clients information regarding availability, timing and delivery depending on whether it is a product or service of your company.  Credit card verification and authorization can also be handled.  Orders can be secured, processed via computer and on their way by using our services with tracking that will enable both you and your client the best success!  Take advantage of our experience and allow Central Communications to support and help build your business!