Orange County Answering Service & Call Center

Central Communications works for Orange County!

Central Communications has clients all over Southern California, with a heavy concentration of clients in Orange County.  We have over 50 Years of Experience in  Live Answering and Call Center Services, we’re familiar with every nuance of the call center industry.  In Orange County, San Diego County and Riverside County, some of our customers have been with us for over 10 years, and more.

What makes us the best? Our award winning staff. Each member of our team is a skilled, highly motivated individual whose goal is the success of your business. The reduced costs and reduced call-management responsibilities will give your company the additional resources to focus on the core functions of the business. Plus we understand the needs of our Orange County clients. But while we are well familiar with the needs of Orange County business, we also study the market in other parts of the country, and service clients all over the United State of America.

Here’s What We Do

Answering Service USACentral Communications is a nationwide provider of call center services. We’ve been supporting our customers and their businesses across the United States for over 50 years from our home office in Riverside, California. That’s what we mean when we say, “When Business Calls… Experience Answers”. All kinds of business–the best kind of experience. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, rain or shine. Central Communications even has powerful backup generators and if the power goes out, we are still working for you!!

“We believe in the best: the best technology, the best staff, and the best service. These three things give us what we strive for–the best clients.”

Here’s How We Do It

Central Communications achieves the best technology by using a high quality, web-enabled telephone (ACD) system with integrated virtual assistant functionality, protected by system redundancy and emergency power backup. We stay at the forefront of our industry through memberships in professional call center associations like Unity, ATSI, and SNUG.

To Find & Keep Our Award Winning Staff…

…we offer competitive wages and benefits, screen applicants carefully, and provide an attractive, comfortable work environment. We hire staff from Riverside and Orange County, where we have our other office. Finally, we achieve the best service by training our staff extensively, recording and monitoring calls for quality assurance, and setting goals to go “above and beyond” for our customers.

Learn about our Riverside, CA office winning the ATSI Award for Excellence!

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