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Virtual Receptionist for your companySometimes our customers forget about us!! They sign up, we check in every so often and once in a while they say “Oh my gosh, I forgot about you!” That’s something that might be disconcerting for some, but for us it means we are doing our job. They never hear complaints that phone calls were not answered promptly, they only hear thank you’s for such good customer service, and how did that come to pass?

Well, one reason might be because whenever their phones lines are busy, we automatically pick up the calls. We have updated information and we know where to direct those calls. If the person their customer is looking for is out of the office or has do not disturb on their line, we take a message, and either deliver it via voicemail or a text if it’s urgent. The caller never knows it was anyone outside of the company they are calling who is answering their needs. Our customers don’t have to think about us, because we do our job well.

When we started this business, most of the calls we took were after hours, or out of the office. But things have changed. We function as the front line for Personal Trainers, Plumbers, Accountants, Electricians, Gift Basket Companies and more. Some use our service to remind their elder family members to take their medications at certain times of the day. We are NOT just message takers any more. And we love it.

So before you say, I don’t need an answering service, stop and think. Maybe you don’t need an answering service, but maybe you do need someone to take reservations for a seminar, or to be your 800 number for people who find you on the web, but feel more comfortable talking to a person rather than placing an order online. As they say out there in the business world, if you are too busy working on your business to work ON your business, think about us, we can help!!

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