Multitasking,Good or Bad?

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Multitasking. It’s a misnomer, because other than walking and chewing gum, most of the time what we call multitasking is actually not. It’s jump tasking. Meaning we start one task and get it to a certain point, and then we jump into another task and so on and so on. There are other instances of multitasking, to be sure, like when I work at home and start a load of laundry before I sit back down at my desk. But here again, first I start the laundry, then I sit down at my computer and do my work.

I think you get my drift. For those of us Type A personalities who pride ourselves on getting more done in less time, our ability to multitask can become a source of great pride.  In reality, I have gone back to look at some of the work I have done while multitasking and have found it’s not as good as when I take the time to be more thoughtful, less hurried and focus just on the task at hand.

Multitasking is also not good for us physically. There are  several studies which show, without a doubt, that the effects of multitasking are pretty significant. We use up our brain power much more rapidly, we cause our heart rates to go up and we expend more energy when trying to keep several things top of mind.

The same thing happens when we over extend ourselves at work by trying to wear all the hats.  That’s why companies like Central Comm and certain others are so valuable. They take some tasks off of your hands. A good Virtual Receptionist can keep your phones answered and your calendar up to date. A good IT service can keep your systems running smoothly. A social media company can keep your blog up to date and your Facebook Page humming.

So, give it up. Get some help. Your brain will thank you, your body will thank you and so will your family.

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