Medical Answering Service

Medical and Legal Profession. Back in those days we were primarily message takers for over worked physicians and attorneys. Today, we provide live, 24/7 answering services to all facets of the medical profession, nationwide.

As the medical profession has evolved over the years, so have the services we offer. It’s no longer just a case of us taking a name and number, and feeding that information via a pager. There are many more options available today.

Central Comm’s call centers in Riverside, Ca and Henderson NV, answer calls for hundreds of medical professionals 24 hours a day. At Central communications, we have the ability to take your calls from anywhere in the United States.

We also have the ability to develop a script which features questions and answers unique to YOUR medical practice. Why do this? For one, when you get a message from us regarding a patient ‘s call, you  will know up front what the issue is. For another, if it’s simply a call from a new patient who wants to know a little more about your practice, how to get to your office, just general information, we can simply take care of that call for you.

Each Medical office is unique, so we strive to build a custom solution to your answering service needs. Whether it’s simply an after-hours situation, or handling overflow calls on a particularly busy day.

At Central Communications we handle calls for:

  1. Physicians
  2. Hospice
  3. Medical Centers
  4. Dentists
  5. Medical Spas
  6. Hospitals

The size of your operation, from small to large, doesn’t matter, our quality of service is the same. If you are a traveling Doctor in a small community, our services can be invaluable. When you have a growing practice and you need a Virtual receptionist to pick up the slack as you grow, Central Comm can take care of that as well.

Our operators at Central Comm provide your practice with well trained, friendly, staff which guarantees that your patient’s calls will be answered by a person 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.If you would like, we can also make appointments as well.

Central Comm