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Central Comm has “live” people answering your phones day in and day out. I am not certain why the term Live is necessary, but to ensure people understand what we do, I am going to stick with that term. It always seemed to me, an English major, if one uses the word person in terms of answering a phone, one would also assume they were live. I don’t know of any person who is no longer alive who would answer a phone, but sometimes you must just go with the times. Live person it is.


Today, I called my bank to get some information, and once again I heard they considered my call very important, and if I wanted to continue in English, I should press 1. They proceeded to offer me 7 different options, none of which were the ones I wanted. While I am certain they were simply trying to be helpful and efficient, by the time I actually spoke to a live person, I was pretty grumpy. They hadn’t done anything wrong, but I have a pretty busy life, and spending 15 minutes of my precious time slogging through a voicemail tree was not the best use of my time.


If you have a desire to make your potential and current customers grumpy and frustrated, then keep your voice mail system. On the other hand, if you would like to speak with potential and current customers who are happy that someone is going to answer their question, then perhaps you should give us a call and we will get that set up for you.


Always remember, no matter what type of effort your marketing and sales team has put into cultivating customers for your business, the person who answers your phones can turn that around in a matter of minutes. Busy, successful people want to get to the bottom line and move on to the next item on their list, not spend precious minutes trying to get through your voicemail options.


From your Live Operations staff @centralcomm

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