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When we first meet our clients it’s important for us to establish a baseline of questions that most people ask when they call into their company. Questions such as what are your hours of operation, when are you, who do I talk to about setting up an account? Those are all pretty common questions potential customers could ask.

Each industry has it’s own subset of Frequently asked questions. For a Physician, it might be a question concerning the types of Insurance his office accepts. For a Realtor, a question might be about showing rental properties or whether a particular Agent only lists properties or works exclusively with buyers.

A common question for a Law Office might be what type of Law does your Office specialize in. Family Law, Criminal Law, Wills and Probate?

These are all the types of frequently asked questions and answers we can use to build a script for your company.

It does get trick, though, when we make that script too long or too detailed. Most people calling in want a quick answer. So, it’s best we decided on though most common questions and then have a point of contact to refer caller to in the case they have a question that’s not one on our script.


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