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Back in the day, during another lifetime, I was a Systems Analyst. I worked for a computer company, and we helped people migrate from old, antiquated systems and programs, to newer, more efficient ones.When you are taking something away from people which they have become very familiar and comfortable with, you get resentment. There is also the inherent embarrassment that comes with learning a new system, caused by unfamiliarity with the new product. It’s all part of the game.

There is a tendency for the workers involved in the process to blame errors on the machine, rather than take the blame themselves. In the Tech Industry, we had a couple of terms for this situation. After we had exhaustively studied the new software and hardware to ensure its working properly, we usually diagnose the problems as “operator error”.

When the data analytics don’t give the results the end user is hoping for, there’s another term we used. Its GIGO. Garbage In, Garbage Out. No matter what you assumed the results of your study would be, if the information entered was incorrect, or, it was entered incorrectly, then you are not going to be happy with the results. Or God forbid, the data you entered is accurate, but your assumptions were way off base. That happens too, but it’s not GIGO, it’s just oh oh.

What’s all of this have to do with an answering service? Let me explain. If you have hired us to take care of your phones, and the information your give us is not accurate, or you only give us part of what we need to do a great job for you, there are going to be issues.

It’s important that we work together to make certain we have everything we need from you in order to represent your company to the best of our abilities. We have some very well-trained staff here at Central Comm, but remember, we aren’t embedded in your company, so if the manager you told us to forward calls to no longer works there, we have that GIGO situation which is going to make your customers upset when they call and we try to put them though.

The better and more accurate direction and information we get, the better able we are to serve you well and keep your customers happy.


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