How to get to Disneyland!

Talk about thinking out of the box!  At Central Communications/South Coast Answering, we used to issue invoices and wait for checks to come back. Things have changed now, and there are many methods of payment our customers can use. Paying bills by using a credit cards has become one way that our customers choose to pay many of the vendors. It is convenient, because they only have to issue one payment each month to the credit card company, and if they use a credit card with points or rewards, they can use those points to plan a family vacation!!

For this month’s newsletter, we had one of our customers tell us this story: “I ’m going to Disney” he said, “and I’m flying free – thanks to you!”  Mike explained that he pays several of his small office bills automatically by credit  card and earns frequent flyer miles without ever getting on a plane!  “I don’t have to think about paying bills. It’s automatic and I’m never late.”  “My credit card bill gives me an itemized list of payments every month. I charge bills that I know are going to be in the same price range every month. It eases my cash flow a little, for those jobs that take longer to pay. I pay the card off at the end of the month, using one check, and that makes doing my bank reconciliation a little easier. I can have the credit card company withhold payment if there’s a problem.”

But  best of all,” he said “I am flying FREE. I couldn’t have  taken this trip if I didn’t have those miles. So, my business expenses are paying for a pleasure trip!” It’s easy for our customers to pay our bills with their credit cards.

We notify you of the amount of your statement by e-mail and we  submit that amount to your credit card company. Voila – bill paying done. Call us; we can  make it happen for you! You, too can go to Disneyland!!!

Pearl Answers

Central Communications/South Coast Answering Service