Ice Skating in Orange County

Riverside Answerring Service, San Diego Answering Service, Orange County Answering ServiceThere are a few indoor ice skating rinks here in southern California, but  until 2003, I don’t believe there has been an outdoor skating rink around here . Irvine Spectrum has been doing an outstanding job of making their outdoor mall a destination for families, and the ice rink is just one great attraction.

From the OC REgister:


” The Irvine Spectrum Center has opened its 47-by-72-foot ice rink. The rink will remain open until Feb. 15.

Skating sessions run 74 minutes and cost $15 if you bring your own skates or $18.50 if you rent skates at the rink.

In honor of the annual ice rink, we put together a list of fun facts to know:

• The rink weighs 51,840 pounds or 18 pounds per square foot;

• The rink is maintained by a custom Zamboni, the smallest in the world;

• More than 25,000 skaters hit the ice here each year;

• Season passes are available;

• Private parties can rent out the rink;

• Three couples have gotten engaged on the rink;

• The rink made its debut in 2003.

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