How Will Affordable Care Affect Our Doctors?

Virtual Receptionist

You may not think that the Affordable Health Care Act would affect an answering service, but you would be wrong. It is impacting us on several different fronts. First of all, we are trying to figure out the impact on us as a company. Insurance rates are a moving target right now and it’s important that our company plan still takes care of our people.

Secondly, we have a number of Medical Facilities and Physicians who have used our Answering and Virtual Receptionists services for years. We hear their worry and concern about how the new insurance plans will affect their practices, and most of all their patients. Our customers are pouring over the new regulations, trying to understand the impact of this law.

We are neither for nor against this law, but we do know that with everything new there comes a cost. For us, that may mean fewer customers from one profession, but after being in business for such a long time, we also know that something new always comes up to fill the void. So while we wait for things to play out, and for the dust to settle, we will just keep on doing our very best for our clients and their clients.

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