How The Call Is Answered Matters!

Have you ever called a company only to be greeted by an operator who obviously wasn’t happy at his or her job? Or had a phone virtual receptionis Central Comm, answering service Central Commanswered by someone who could not connect you with the person you were looking to speak with?

Not a great first impression of your company is it? At Central Comm we train our operators to be friendly, professional and we provide them with the information they need in order to handle your calls properly.

New hires are trained on all of our equipment so there will be no fumbling about as they answer the phone. Our operators have a custom designed list of questions and answers that will appear on their screen as they pick up the phone.

At Central Comm our people know that the simple act of smiling before you pick up the receiver will put a pleasant lilt in their voice as they speak to your callers. The understanding that sometimes a caller will be frustrated and upset and the best way to diffuse the situation is to be patient and try to ascertain the best, most effective way to help them.

As Virtual Receptionists for your company, the more information you provide us with, the better the service we can give to your customers. We can answer commonly asked questions, we can direct customers to the proper personnel to handle their call, and we can contact you directly via text or email and if you give us access, even set appointments for a return call.

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Nationwide Answering Service

Nationwide Answering Service