How Much Does an Answering Service Cost?

There are some variations from service to service but I will gladly explain how we price our services at Central Communications.

The cost of our service is predicated upon the number of minutes of Agent Work Time that your calls utilize in a month.  There are no charges accrued for simply having your line forwarded to us.  You may have us handle your lines 24/7 and the only charges that accrue are for the times we are actually handling one of your calls.  Let me explain what happens.

When your call comes in a screen appears on the computer monitor in front of the agent who receives the call.  The screen will direct the agent to handle your calls just as you have specified in detailed  instructions that you have given to us.

Your instructions can be simple, such as collect  basic contact information and pass it to you by email, fax, phone, or text.  Your instructions can also be quite complex.  You may set up a series of qualifying questions to determine the nature of the call.  Your instructions can direct the agent  to do different things depending on the answers to those questions.  Your instructions may call for us to access your website to help a caller complete an order.  Your instructions may call for us to access your scheduling software and book an appointment to see you.  If it is legal, and it can be expressed in written instructions, our agents can do it for you.  The complexity of your instructions along with the number of calls you receive will determine the cost of our service.

We offer plans to fit all different call volumes starting as low as $29.95.  If your call volume does not match a plan we offer, no problem. We will be happy to design a custom plan around your specific needs.

So given the variables,  how does one know how much an answering service will really cost your company?  We invite you to try out our services for free for 7 days.*  This no obligation trial will give you an opportunity to experience the award winning quality of our service,  and it will allow us to analyze your actual usage so we may recommend the best possible plan for you.  If your call volume during the trial period is typical of a normal week, we can tell you with a great degree of accuracy what our service will cost on an ongoing basis.

Why not begin our trial today?  Give us a call at 844-273-3940 to schedule your trial today.