How Energy Trading Can Save You Money.

saving energyThese days, you really have to know where your money is going and whether or not you are getting the most out of what you are paying for. Cutting back on spending can help but it is only part of the problem. I found this article recently on CNN Money :

“The massive size and daunting complexity of the US electricity sector means companies often have trouble proving their contributions to their customers’ lives; benefits for the consumer are often counted in things that don’t happen, whether that be price  increases or blackouts.

The regional transmission organization that operates one of the world’s largest energy markets across the US Midwest and in the Canadian province of Manitoba is working to quantify those contributions in the form of a 2011 Value Proposition study.”

At Central communications, because we operate in the Southern California area, energy and it’s associated costs is of primary importance to us and our business model. As an answering service, which supports customers throughout much of the United States of America, we operate 24 hours per day. Any chance to share, or save on utility costs is something we welcome. We are on the Western Coast of the United States, so our options for energy sharing may be different, but these are the types of things we are on the look out for.