How Does An Answering Service Work?


“Good afternoon, Dr. Smith’s office, how may I help you today?” If you are Dr. Smith, we have just answered your phone. Perhaps you were with a patient and your receptionist was busy with another call. Maybe this call came in when you were taking a lunch break, or it’s after hours.

We can handle after hours calls, or overflow calls for when your office is it’s busiest. Central Comm’s operators can serve as your receptionist. If you are a Doctor, a Lawyer, a Service Agency, it does not matter, our services are tailored to your needs, but we do have basic services we provide for all the companies who hire us.

When a  call comes to your line. information comes up on   he computer monitor in front of the agent who receives the call.  The screen will direct the agent to handle your calls just as you have specified in detailed  instructions which you have provided to us. The longer we work with your company, the more we get to know how you operate.

Your instructions can be simple, such as collect  basic contact information and pass it to you by email, fax, phone, or text.  Your instructions can also be quite complex.  You may set up a series of qualifying questions to determine the nature of the call.  Your instructions can direct our agent  to do different things depending on the answers to those questions.

It could be that you have hired us to be the voice on your website’s 800 number. In that case, your instructions may call for us to access your website to help a caller complete an order.  In the case where you have hired us to be your dispatch center, then we would access your scheduling software and book an appointment , then dispatch a service person to fulfill that need.

If  what you request from us is legal, and it can be expressed in written instructions, our agents can do it for you.  The complexity of your instructions along with the number of calls you receive will determine the cost of our service.

We offer plans to fit all different call volumes  and until we have a chance to learn about your needs it would be difficult to give you an honest quote. It doesn’t cost anything for the initial consultation, so give us a call at Toll Free: (800) 876-7707.We will be happy to design a custom plan around your specific needs.

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