How Can Your Business Sound More Professional On The Phone?

Many businesses rely on the phone to generate leads and turn them into potential customers. In addition, companies almost always provide a phone number that people can call if they need customer support. However, a business’ phone system can make or break sales, and it can also increase or decrease customer turnover rates. Luckily, there are a few simple ways that businesses can improve their phone system in order to make more profits.

Customers can have problems with a business’ products or services at any time of the day or night. Commerce is also becoming more and more global, and clients may be located in time zones around the world. Unfortunately, it can be rather expensive to hire additional employees to answer the phones during nights and weekends. Luckily, a live answering service can help businesses succeed with a real person answering the phone all the time. A 24 hour answering service will make even the smallest business seem much more professional when potential clients call to ask questions. It can also help keep current customers happy when they have problems late at night. While answering services were often expensive in the past, they are now very reasonably priced.

Another option that can make companies sound more professional on the phone is a PBX. Everyone is familiar with the automated menus that they get when they call large companies. They allow people to contact different departments or call a specific person within an organization using their extension. Employees can use a PBX to transfer calls and put people on hold. They also allow more than one person to call the business’ phone number at the same time without getting a busy signal.

In the past, PBX systems were extremely difficult to use, and businesses often needed to hire someone to install them. They also cost quite a bit of money to maintain as companies would have to purchase things like ADSL lines that allowed multiple people to call at once. Fortunately, VOIP PBX systems have made it very cheap and easy for businesses to implement a professional phone system. There are a number of software packages available that business owners with a moderate level of computer knowledge can easily install themselves. In fact, Skype even offers PBX options for businesses. In addition, VOIP phone numbers are very cheap these days, and you can likely purchase one in the same area code where your business is located. Calls to these numbers cost very little, and they are often free. Business owners can even combine a 24 hour answering service with a PBX for a truly professional phone system with live people available to answer questions and represent your business all the time.

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