How Can A Virtual Receptionist Build Customer Relationships?

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How can a virtual receptionist help to build customer relationships? Let’s discuss.

We are all familiar with the old adage, work smarter not harder.  But how can you as a small business owner get everything done and have time for family and work?  We have an idea about that. How about using Virtual Employees. For example a virtual assistant to track your sale activities and your calendar. To further lighten the load, what about using our  Virtual receptionist services?

I would bet that freeing up time with these virtual staff members will allow you, the business owner, to focus more on your work, reduce the workload on your in-house staff, and improve customer care. However, did you know that virtual receptionists can also build and enhance customer relationships?

Virtual receptionists are trained extensively in call handling, customer relationship building, lead nurturing, and displaying empathy. They are also trained to professionally manage time and resolve issues as quickly as possible, and that helps to soothe most irate customers. Soothing an irate customer has a therapeutic effect on the individual, and is very important in long-term relationship building.

In addition, unlike in-house receptionists, phone answering services are available round-the-clock, which means, your clients and customers can call you and be served even when you are not in the office. When you subscribe to a phone answering service, your customers will not be inconvenienced with in-house receptionists leaving their desk, changing jobs, or taking a sick day or vacation.

Virtual receptionists are always available to actively engage with customers and provide the assistance a caller needs. This proactive support helps customers to view your business in a positive light, which helps to build relationships in the long term. Active engagement involves note-taking, finding ways to solve the customer’s issues quickly, and giving the customers compliments, empathy, and personal connections.

Customers who get better service are ready to pay a whopping 140% more just for being treated right, according to a Harvard Business Review report. 82% of customers left when they didn’t get treated right, according to Right Now. This means, better customer service and active engagement leads to higher levels of customer retention.

By actively engaging with customers and ensuring that they receive the most professional service possible, virtual receptionists can outperform in-house when it comes to building relationships. Building good relationships takes time and phone answering services are here to do just that.


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