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virtual receptionis Central Comm, answering service Central CommYou might wonder, does someone who works from home need a Virtual Receptionist? I can tell you that a Virtual Receptionist and a Virtual Assistant can be invaluable to a business owner running a business from home.

If you are a one or two person shop, there are never enough hours in the day. Having someone handle calls, help you sort out who to call back first and when, and give you the time to actually get work accomplished is nothing short of wonderful.


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There have been new studies coming out that show how most people have only a few hours of peak productivity in them each day. For some it’s the morning hours, for others it could be the afternoon, and then there are the night owls.

Besides hiring a Virtual Receptionist and a Virtual Assistant, what are some other things you can do to make working from home work for you? The First thing you will need to learn is to focus and get as much work done during your peak time as you can. Pick of all the little things and get those out of the way, then take a short break, maybe even a little walk, and settle down to the more difficult work.

Put things on a board, be it physical or a virtual board. As you complete the task, move things over and move on to the next part. A big task always seems more daunting until you break it down.

Stick to your To Do list. The simple task of writing a to-do list is one of the most efficient ways of keeping track of your daily work requirements. By writing out a list for tomorrow before you leave the office at night, you will have an immediate head-start on your next day and be ready for your new priorities. Then check that list first thing in the morning and tick things off, one by one, until it’s blank. Don’t add anything new until you have completed most of your tasks for the day, If you can. Sometimes things come up and you just have to roll with them.

It is important to get up, walk around the office and take a few minutes for a ‘mental break.’  These short breaks will reinvigorate you and help you be more productive in the long term. AND don’t isolate yourself.  Call a friend, have a late lunch, attend a few Networking meetings each month, and keep in touch with people. Life can get lonely in the virtual world if you aren’t careful.

If you have hire a VA, then give him or her work that will keep you moving forward. The more work you can assign them, the more they will understand your style and your goals. Don’t be afraid to hand things off, but always do a double check before important documents go out.


And remember, Central Comm has Virtual Receptionists and Dispatch services to help keep your Home Office running smoothly.

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