Holiday Travel Tips


This is the time of year when many of us head home for the holidays. Thanksgiving is next week, and in a few more weeks Hannukkah, Christmas and New Years come up all too fast.

If you haven’t already made your plane reservations, it is probably too late. So we won’t talk about those. Driving? Let’s talk about that.

Everyone knows that leaving on Wednesday after work means you will be stuck in traffic for hours, so what can you do? If there is any way to take Tuesday off and get out of town mid afternoon, do it. And…head back home on Saturday, not Sunday. If you love and enjoy all your relatives, it may be a little sad to leave a day early, but better that than to get stuck in a major traffic jam on Sunday. The side benefit is you get a day to unpack and rest before you head back to work on Monday.

We will have operators on duty throughout the holidays, so don’t worry about your phones.


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