Holiday Time

Gfit-Gold-Bow-300x214Happy Holidays to all of you from all of us!

Central Comm is always happy to celebrate the Holidays with you.

Central Communications has amazing clients all over the United States of Amercia, from here in Riverside, where our headquarters is located, to the Northeast, Southern and Western United States.

The types of service we provide, coupled with the advances in technology that we have today, makes it possible for us to take care of our business and yours from pretty much anywhere.

Each part of the country has their own unique Holiday traditions, and because we work nationally we get to learn the little special things that people in the north do¸ and the foods and treats that none of us out here in California have ever heard about!

With Over 50 Years of Experience in Live Answering and Call Center Services, our company is going through some changes. Simply answering phones for Attorneys and Physicians has morphed into the Order Taking, Virtual Receptionist, internet call center business that we never could have imagined ourselves being part of even 10 years ago.

Just think, that voice on the other end of your phone call to an 800 number could very well be one of our people helping you to fulfill your order!.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Central CommNationwide Answering Service