Holiday Help From Central Comm

Central Comm, call center, national call center, virtual receptionist, answering serviceAre you heading out for the Holidays? Do you already use our answering services/virtual receptionist for overflow calls? Why not take it a step further and have us take over your phones completely while you are away?

We can screen your calls for you. Should a caller be simply inquiring about basic services, let us handle it. If they need more information, we can always text you, and depending upon what their needs are, we may be able to handle their questions with a bit of input from you.

If it’s something urgent, let us know the best way to notify you, for most of our clients that will be via text message, but everyone is different, and we will get you the message.

Should you be in a situation where you have the need to re-schedule appointments for after the Holidays, we can help with that as well.

Happy Holidays!
Central Comm

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