Hire Us or Answer Your Phone?

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Almost all small businesses begin as solopreneurs. Someone decides they can offer a better product or service or they get tired of the corporate grind. It doesn’t matter why, let it suffice to say that most businesses start small.

Naturally, when starting a business, money and resources are the most precious of commodities.¬† Because we tend to want to use those precious resources in the most ptorductive, profit generating way, often the first thing we do is answer the phones oursevces. Because our cell phones allow us to do so much we tend to use them as our primary point of contact. But, is that wise? We don’t think so. And we say this from personal experience.

From personal experience, I am not happy when I call someone and they appear to be hurried, or there is a swirl of back ground noise coming through, or the receipient of my call is distracted.

Our virtual receptionist service is a great alternative. Almost everyone who hires us as their virtual receptionist started with our answering service,. They were so impressed, and as a result built up trust and they decided to let us handle the majority of their incoming calls. Plus, their customers like the convenience  of not having to be on edge everytime their phones ring. They know we are taking excellent care of their customers.


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