Helping With Recovery

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What a month it has been. Wildfires burning up the West. A MAJOR Earthquake in Mexico. Hurricane Harvey has devastated part of Texas and Louisiana. Hurricane Irma has cut a swath of destruction on the Virgin Islands, through Cuba and the most southern Florida Keys have been destroyed.


If you were not in the path of any of these storms and disasters, we are certain you are grateful for that. As people try to rebuild, it will be in our nature to offer help. Each State and County will be posting items they need. Please be careful what and who you send donations to.


The Red Cross is always a good place to start. The United Way, Humane Society, Salvation Army, and Food banks are the best places to go. Some pop up fundraising sites will Not be legitimate. Unfortunately for every person who sincerely wants to help, there is another who is simply a fraud.


Remember, everyone in those areas who have been affected by these events will need your patience, your prayers and whatever you can give. It will take a long time for cities and counties to get the clean ups completed, and for the work of rebuilding to begin.


Look around your own neighborhood. Single parents who are already stretched to thin, elderly who need their yards cleaned up. Do what you can, and above all be kind.


The Folks at Central Communications

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