Help For The Holidays

We love this time of year. I know that for some businesses this can be a Virtual receptionist, call centerstressful time, gearing up for the Holiday Shopping Season, getting personal errands done, attending all of those business and family holiday functions…pheww, it can seem overwhelming.

Central Communications can help!! Our people stand ready, willing and more than able to take some of the workload off you. If you are a growing online company struggling to keep up with inventory and orders, call us. We can meet for a few hours, ask all of the right questions, learn about your ordering policies, and become your 800 number for online orders.

Are you a busy Salon? More men and women are going to want to look extra special for holiday functions. You want to give them your best service. How about letting us help you with your calls? From now until after the New Year, you want to make certain that you take special care of your customers, but you can color hair and take phone calls at the same time. If your shop doesn’t usually need a full time receptionist, call us and let us take over those phone calls and appointment settings for you!

Attorney’s and Doctors, you have long been the core of the answering service portion of our business, but now we can also become your secondary receptionist. This is the time of year when for certain reasons, people try to get things wrapped up. Don’t stress, let us help.

If you aren’t certain that we are the ones to answer your needs, don’t be shy, just call us!! At Central Communications, we sincerely dislike companies who use high pressure tactics. We know what we do best, and we also know not to take on projects we feel we can do our best work on. But we might know of someone who can help you….

Happy upcoming holidays…

Pearl Answers.