Health Awareness Month

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This month is Health Awareness Month and also National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At Central Comm we know that bringing awareness to things like health and Breast Cancer is something everyone needs. We also know that our health is something that should be paid attention to all year long. Central Comm.’s operators answer calls for all types of physicians so we are perhaps a bit more aware of how important it is to maintain our health than some other industries might be.

Not all illnesses or diseases are preventable, but with proper nutrition, regular exercise and a positive attitude, many of us can prevent the onset of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks and even some forms of cancer.

Taking care to wear sunscreen and protective clothing when we are going to be out in the sun for long periods of time. Not smoking, and eating foods that are fresh and whenever possible, organic. When we have family meals, using fresh ingredients and plenty of green, leafy vegetables, we not only connect better with our children, it is also good for our overall health.

So, as this month winds down, and the busy Holiday Season comes upon us, remember to take care of yourselves and your loved one. Take a time out if you are feeling stressed and just sit quietly for a moment. Before you pop that extra holiday chocolate or cookie in your mouth, decide if the extra calories are really worth it.

Stay well and eat healthy and you will be ready for an exciting new year in January!!