Happy New Year !!

Central Comm serves as your answering service, call center, dispatch center, nationwideThis is the time of year when hope is renewed, dreams are planned and some of us even make New Year’s Resolutions. It’s also the time of year when we reflect on the year past. What did we do that helped us, what did we do that held us back.

One of the things we are all guilty of is spending too much time on tasks that don’t drive our business forward. Yes, periodically we have to put out fires, events that we weren’t anticipating can take hours or even days out of our schedules. But if we are honest with ourselves, each of us could use our time more productively .

What can we do to stay on track? That will probably depend on your personal style, but I think this one could work. How about posting a recurring meeting with yourself each Wednesday afternoon? The meeting could be for you, with you, or perhaps with an assistant or co-worker, and it could be a check in. A simple question like, what did I do so far this week that will lead me to my goals.

For many people, answering the phone calls makes you feel like you are being productive, but are you really? Could that phone call have been better answered by someone else? Was it just an inquiry about your services, a call that once again could have been handled by someone else. And, because you took that call, did you miss one from someone who was looking to hire you?

Central Comm can handle those calls with skill and expertise, leaving you with time to move your business forward in this new year!!

Happy New year

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