Happy Customers @ Central Comm.

Happy CustomerI can’t give you the customer’s name, but I would like to tell you about the conversation I overheard between a customer and one of our Virtual Receptionists:

“I used to be very reluctant to turn my calls over to someone who was not handpicked by me. I never thought anyone else could be as professional, yet caring with my clients as I knew I could be. But my business began to grow and I could no longer handle all of the incoming calls and solve my client’s issues at the same time.  I needed help.

Since I have “hired” Central Comm. to be my Receptionist, life has become so much better. I worked with them to create a script that their operator can use when he or she answers my calls. The operators are able to answer basic every day questions, assure my clients they will be taken care of, and take down the information I will need for the return phone call. The phones are answered promptly, the messages delivered to me via text, and I have the time to prepare properly before I return calls. Best of all no one knows that it’s a service taking my calls. That’s why I do not want to leave my name here. I just want to say Thank you”

All too often people are so used to our level of service that they take it for granted. While we at Central Comm. really appreciate the thank yous we get to hear from time to time, we are also happy that our customers know they can simply expect for us to do a great job.

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