Halloween Is Coming!!!

Pictures of Fall Rosanne Sax

Pictures of Fall Rosanne Sax


It gets up in the 100’s here in the summer and late spring. Often the weather can be so hot as to rival the heat of Phoenix or Las Vegas. So while almost everyone love the coolness of fall, we love it more.

By the time winter comes for the rest of the country, we are once again pretty satisfied to live in a warm climate, but for now,we are looking forward to days that bring less heat and cool, cool evenings.

Central Comm. answers phones for people all over the United States. So each and every day we get to chat a little about the weather. It’s not always kind to have to pretend we are mad about another snow storm when we are actually experiencing a cool crisp day that’s around 70 degrees in the afternoon, and down into the 50’s at night. We’re sorry..

Don’t forget, even if you are a tad jealous of our weather, we will still be happy to set you up with your own private number and a special script that appears on our operator’s screen when that number rings. We can answer Frequently Asked Questions, or we can act as a Virtual receptionist and put calls through to the appropriate party. Our operators all have great voices, they like their jobs, they are so good that we win awards, and that is good for your business. If it sounds like we are bragging, that is really not the case. Central comm. is proud of our company and our people, that’s all.

And we can do all of that here, so that when you are at home, trapped by a snow and ice storm, we can take care of business for you!!

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