Great Customer Service

Central Comm serves as your answering service, call center, dispatch center, nationwide

There are a number of companies out in the business world who do the exact same business as you do. So what sets you apart? Customer Service.

We answer phones for businesses, we serve as virtual receptionists for companies of all sizes. At Central Comm we handle e-commerce and dispatch services. Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. So do other companies..why would a company chose us over an automated system, or another answering service?

They choose us because of  our customer service. I am going to tell you a little secret. We are not always the first answering service that a company uses. Our best, happiest customers come to us because they got TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ANOTHER Answering service.

It’s easy to think of the phone answering component as just a necessary function, and not very important. But it IS VERY IMPORTANT. The experts say you never get a second chance at a FIRST IMPRESSION. It’s even more true with phone interactions.

If the person who answers your phone is grumpy, stressed, unhelpful, what kind of impression is he or she giving your potential, or current customers? Not a very good one.

When the person answering your phone is pleasant, helpful, and can answer your customer’s basic questions, does that make a better impression? You bet it does.

We recently had a customer who asked us to help out in a pinch.Their billing system had a problem, it was sending incorrect billing amounts out to their customers. As you can imagine, they were swamped with angry, distressed callers. They called us in, and thanks to the calm, competent operators at Central Comm, we were able to help them avert a crisis.

In situations like that, a service like ours not only helps to retain existing customers, it can also give the business person a breather from the stress of handling these types of calls, so they can take a deep breath and dig into the problem.

The excellent, award winning service at Central Comm does this for our customers all the time. That’s what we do. That’s why people stay with us, year after year, and recommend us to other businesses.

Give us a try.

Central Comm

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