Good News for Nevada

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Central Communications has expanded. Last year we purchased an operations center in Nevada. Nevada was one of the hardest hit areas during the great recession. For several years it had been a boom town, with hotels and new housing developments cropping up every where around Henderson and Las Vegas.

When the crash hit, there was a huge housing glut, and Nevada just really started recovering a couple of years ago.

That story is very different today. Because of the availability of reasonably priced land and possibly other incentives Tesla and other companies are building new manufacturing facilities in Nevada.

From Publication

“Tesla, based in Palo Alto, is building a $5 billion, 10 million-square-foot Gigafactory in northern Nevada, near Sparks, for the production of lithium ion batteries for its electric cars. Faraday Future, a Los-Angeles-based startup (which just unveiled a 1,000 horsepower electric car at CES) backed by Chinese investors, plans to build a $1 billion, 3 million-square-foot factory in North Las Vegas, with the goal of producing electric cars by 2017. Nevada lawmakers approved the Faraday project last month.

The companies say that between them they will be hiring 11,000 new workers in Nevada over the next five years. As a result, Reno-Sparks and Las Vegas are expected to grow by some 80,000 residents by 2020, unheard of growth for the regions. To meet the demand from Tesla, Faraday, and other major employers, Nevada will need at least 40,000 more housing units—single-family homes as well as apartments and condos for younger engineers and techies—over the next five years, according to state projections. Who will fill the demand? And will they fill it in time to stave off price inflation?”

If you understand the workings of situations like this, it will also mean that other businesses will start popping up. Those businesses will need services like ours.

We are looking forward to a great future for Nevada, and for growing companies all over the United States.

Happy 2016 !

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