Good Cities to Live and Work In

I just read a post about the Top 10 Cities for First-Time Home Buyers on  The article is geared towards first time home buyers between the ages of 25 to 34 years. Some of the factors they took into account were  how affordable the homes are in each of the Top 10 Cities. They also factored in  how much inventory there is, the rate of employment in each of the cities and what types of shopping, restaurants, and health care are available in a particular city.

Out of those, my favorites are Portland Maine, St Louis Missouri,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Having spent some time in each of these cities I have experienced  the atmosphere, the people and the feeling of each of these great cities.

Excerpts from

“Portland, Maine

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Philadelphia 2008 Skyline, from the New Jersey side of the Delaware River.

Philadelphia 2008 Skyline, from the New Jersey side of the Delaware River.

Median price: $304,000

Unemployment: 3.3%

What you don’t know about Portland: Yeah, sure, the West Coast’s Portland gets all the press, the hipster cred (and notoriety), and even a decent TV show to call its own. But here’s the deal: The largest city in Maine is no less hip, cool, and fun to live in. And it has way better lobster.

A foodist’s paradise nestled on the Atlantic coast, Portland has a slew of catch-of-the-day seafood restaurants and a thriving microbrew scene—Allagash Brewing Co. produces 45,000 barrels of beer each year. And check out that unemployment rate—one-third lower than the national average of 5.2%.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Median price: $222,000

Unemployment: 4.8%

What you don’t know about Philly: Plenty of New Yorkers are fleeing the City So Nice They Named It Twice for Philly, with almost 27,000 people making the transition per year, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Many seem to relish escaping the crazy real estate prices of NYC without giving up big-city amenities.

So what’s the appeal?

Well, you’ve got Ukee Washington, Denzel‘s second cousin and quite possibly the coolest news anchor in America. You have perhaps the most loyal sports fans in the country. And you can get a “city wide special”—a can of PBR and a shot of Jim Beam—for just a few bucks across town. The United States’ first capital is rich in history and has recovered from a bad patch—no longer known as “Killadelphia,” its violent crime rate declined 20% from 2009 to 2014, according to the FBI.


St. Louis, MissouriAnswering Service St. Louis, Mo virtual receptionist St Louis Mo

Median price: $164,000

Unemployment: 5.2%

What you don’t know about St. Louis: Besides the Cardinals and the city’s namesake barbecue, there’s plenty more to celebrate in St. Louis.

Led by Washington University, more than a dozen universities and colleges boost the city’s IQ and keep the vibe young. You dig nature? You can spend weeks hanging in Forest Park, which is nearly 50% bigger than Central Park. And the city has two separate downtowns, each with its own gestalt. Housing prices have been low, partly because of the sluggish economy after the recession that erased thousands of jobs. But the city has finally made a comeback, adding 6,900 jobs in February and posting a declining unemployment rate. Eight Fortune 500 companies now call St. Louis home.”