Getting Out of Town for the Holidays?

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Family Holiday Time is Special


Central Communications takes over for companies large and small during the holidays. We all know that most of us have our minds set on whatever Holiday we celebrate. For our family it’s Christmas. Even though our children have grown, Christmas is still a very special time for us. It’s a time to gather with family we may not have had the chance to see in a while. To share a meal, to laugh, perhaps even to fight a little bit, but also to hug and appreciate each other.

Sometimes we have to travel to get to be with our families. This year, we would like to remind you about a few things . One, be certain you put your phone on forward, and give us an updated phone tree with all the correct phone number. Second, please be sure to get your vehicle checked out ahead of time. If you wait until the last minute, it could be difficult to get parts and an appointment. Auto repair shops are staffed by people who want to celebrate with their families too.

Make sure your battery is properly charged, get all the blest and hoses checked, and how are those tires doing? The very last thing you want to do on a trip home to Grandma’s is spend several hours on the side of the road with a broken down car. Do you have OnStar or AAA? It might be a good time to give yourself the gift of one of these services.

Does your car have chargers for all of the electronic devices you are carrying with you?  USA today suggested you have a back up, oldfashioned paper map stowed away in your glove compartment just in case somethings goews haywire with your Navigation.

It’s also a great idea to have some travel games to play with your passengers. After all, the car can be a great place for converstion. Perhaps a list of questions that require more than a one word answer. Like, who is your favorite sports figure? What is your favorite food? You may say, I already know those things about my son or daughter. Well, you may have known the answer your child gave when he or she was younger, but that might not still be true today!!

No matter where your Holiday plans my take you, all of us here at Central Communications wish you and yours the ery best holiday season!!

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