Follow-Up and Customer Support


You can have more ¬†web traffic than you know what to do with, but without good follow-up and a strong customer support staff, those leads don’t mean anything.need help running your law firm?

WE have seen businesses boom, and we have seen them bust, and the common denominators are strong customer support and follow-up. When things go right and orders are fulfilled, customers needs are met, those customers will, for the most part, be loyal to your brand. They may even pay a little more for your service because they know you deliver quality products and services. When things go wrong, because sometimes they just do, it is even more important to step up to the plate, admit a mistake and do everything in your power to make it right, Whatever it takes. People respect that as well.

What they don’t need is to hire a service which lets them down, time after time. The excuses will wear thin, and if the mistakes affect their bottom line, they will have no choice but to go elsewhere.

The best way to ensure that your customer support and follow-up are top notch is to foster that environment internally. Train your people well, empower them to make decisions, support them, and when they make a mistake, don’t berate them, rather help them find a way to make things right.

WE had a great customer of ours who had an internal accounting meltdown. Instead of trying to hide from their customers by letting messages go to voice mail, they called us and asked us to man the phones for them, and explain what they were doing to remedy the situation to their customers. Central Comm worked together with their support staff to reassure their customers that everything would be put to rights, and it was. Our operators here went above and beyond to calm their customers’ fears, and not a single customer was lost.

Customer support. Without it your sales numbers don’t mean anything. Follow-up. Without that potential customers will go elsewhere. Two parts of your organization that will help take you to your goals.

Central Comm