Five Things You Should Not Wear To Work

We are an answering service, a call center, a “virtual receptionist” . most of the time our customers and their customers never see us. So why do we care what we wear? Because it affects your attitude.

There are studies that confirm this axiom, dress like a slouch, act like a slouch. Even though we are behind the scenes, we expect a certain level of dress. We aren’t the only ones, most places of employment have basic dress codes, but even if they don’t and the dress is casual, here are five things you should never wear to work:

  1. Torn or ripped jeans
  2. Those cheap rubber flip flops
  3. Shirts that bare your midriff
  4. Clothing that is too tight or revealing
  5. Tshirts with offensive words or slogans on them.

Remember it has long been said that you should dress for the next career choice, not just for the one you are currently in. If it’s your ambition to move up in any company, or social circle, then make certain you kick it up a notch. Be well groomed, clean, make sure your clothes are the best you can afford. Five or six good pieces of clothing that will last are far better then a bunch of inexpensive items.

Feel good about how you look, put a smile on your face, and answer that next call. People will be able to tell you are at your best!!

Pearl Answers