Exciting News About Higher Education in Nevada


Central Comm has two main offices, one is in Riverside, Ca and the other is in Henderson, NV. We like to keep abreast of things that affect the people in those two states, as well as the rest of the country. Today we came across an exciting post from Shelley Berkley of Touro University:

“Shelley Berkley is CEO and senior provost for Touro University’s Western Division, including its campuses in Nevada and northern California.

Roseman University

We believe 2017 is our “Year of Breakthroughs” for Roseman University’s planned College of Medicine, having intensified efforts to prioritize clinical-practice development, increase and diversify philanthropic support, and strengthen our research program. We continue to develop relationships and share our mission, vision and values.

This year, we launched our an immersive experience for high school students designed to stimulate interest in the biomedical sciences. As a result, we received a $35,000 grant from The Del E. Webb Foundation to expand the number of schools and students participating.

Our physician faculty are committed to providing outstanding services, and we welcome area physicians to partner with us to provide patient-centered care.

One of our researchers recently received a Geographical Management of Cancer Health Disparities award from the National Cancer Institute to investigate prostate cancer’s disparate impact on African-Americans in Nevada.

We continue to receive philanthropic gifts to support development of the College of Medicine, including a recent anonymous $500,000 donation.

Faculty and staff are volunteering. We recently provided no-cost physicals at a health fair in Logandale, with partners from the Valley Health System. Every month, we select a nonprofit agency to support, such as Opportunity Village, Three Square to Catholic Charities.

If we continue to make progress as planned, we will be looking to have our first class begin in 2019.”

Investment in our young people, in the careers of college students and graduate students, make us proud and very hopeful that the future can be bright for all of us.

Central Comm

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