Even “On Hold” Time is Money!

We all know that time is money. There are a few exceptions, though. The time we spend on hold each day trying to reach our banks, or a utility company, is usually not very lucrative for either us or the business we are trying to reach. This is particularly true if they have you listening to garbled music of some sort. Silence is even worse.

A recent survey showed that 82% of callers who hear silence while on hold will remain on hold less than a minute. Callers who listen to music last only a short while longer. It

Answering Service USAwas discovered that callers who hear recorded information, however, are much more willing to wait out a minute or more. According to the study, callers who listen to recorded information hung up within the first minute only 2% of the time.

Marketers are responding to this revelation and turning hold time back into money by playing educational messages about a client’s products and services during unavoidable periods of hold. Not only has the hang-up rate been drastically reduced, but 18% of callers in one study actually made purchases based on offers they heard while on hold.

We at South Coast Answering Service and Central Communications believe this is a great way to turn hold time back into money for you, too. With our service you can entertain, educate, or even up-sell customers when hold time is unavoidable for your callers. We can help you create an on-hold marketing program that will enhance your company’s image and help deliver your marketing message.

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