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To the folks on the South East Coast we send our good thoughts and sympathy for what they have been going through. Our main office is in Riverside, Ca, and in the beautiful state of California there is no shortage of natural events that can become catastrophic. From wildfires to earthquakes and mudslides. Thank goodness that major Hurricanes are not one of those on our list.


The thing about states like California and Florida is that unlike some other areas who don’t experience these types of events, is we prepare for these things. Our building codes are stricter than most, our disaster preparedness has to be in play at all times. At Central Comm, we are always prepared for whatever comes our way. We have generators ready to provide power no matter what the situation, we have plans in place to keep our business running, and we have ways for our operators to cover your business no matter what happens.

The keyword here is preparedness. Often, when the weather systems start to impact business, answering services like Central Comm can save the day. When emergency services begin preparations in advance of severe weather conditions, putting in place a triage phone system, using the services of Central Communications can keep lines of communication open, even as local systems go down.

Like any system, the best work can happen when we are prepared, so the better the plan we build with you, the more seamlessly it will be executed in times of emergencies or disaster. In the I.T. industry they know how important it is to have offsite backup for when emergency situations occur, it’s really no different for those companies who are concerned about being able to communicate with their customers should an emergency occur.  Because of our experience we’re familiar with every aspect of the call center world. Our systems, our people and our backup generators make us the perfect choice for national emergency situations. No matter where in the United States your business is located, we can take care of you and your customers.

Here’s What We Do

Central Communications works with you on a plan for how YOU want things to be handled in case of emergencies. We ask you to provide us with what we need to know to be your provider of call center services, for every day, and emergency situations. We sit down; find out who would take which types of calls, build a list of frequently asked questions and how you would like us to answer them. We don’t just say,” oh we don’t know we are just the answering service”. That’s what we mean when we say, “When Business Calls… Experience Answers”. All kinds of business–the best kind of experience.



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