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If you have ever parented a child who had mad skills with art, music or technology, but the sum of his or her school experience has been pain, notes home from teachers, and tutors galore, then you are going to love this. One of our chief complaints of the parents who work at Central Communications, and even some of our clients throughout the United States, is that school has not kept up with our children.Student Writing

Yes they have more technology available to the kids, there are some newer methods of learning, but for the most part, education today is still modeled on the one room school rooms of the past. You sit at a desk, listen to someone up at the front of the room drone and on, try desperately to stay awake after lunch, and fidget until the closing bell rings.

I have learned there are several new avenues for interactive education now on Web Based Classrooms. Major Universities are offering courses for free, and finally, people are being encouraged to learn at their own pace and with instructors who can get their message across. This post on the Code Academy today was particularly exciting for us here at Central Communications:

Today, the Hour of Code kicks off, with more than a million students getting their feet wet in the thrilling field of computer science.

To kick things off, learn to code company Codecademy is launching its first-ever iPhone app to help kids commit to a daily hour of basic computer-skills education.

“The app was designed fresh from the ground up to take advantage of the iPhone while still preserving all the design tenets from our web app,” said Codecademy co-founder Zach Sims in an email conversation. ”It’s interactive, fun, easy to use, and focuses on learning by doing. It gives anyone all they need to get started anywhere at any time with the basics of programming.”

This is exciting not only to me, but for all of the high tech companies here and in the rest of the United States who have long been begging for more technically trained personnel. Here is a link to the rest of the post:

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