During Times of Disaster How Does An Answering Service Help

disaster preparation, back up phone answering during a disaster


It’s common practice for businesses who work with large amounts of data to have redundancy and off site back up. But what happens to their phone calls during a natural disaster and their employees can’t get into their offices? Do you have a plan for that? If you live in an area that is prone to more than its share of natural disasters, like California, it’s not a question of IF you should have a disaster backup plan, it’s more like WHAT is your disaster backup plan.

Central Communications has been in  the answering service and call center business for a long time. We know firsthand that each company is unique, but we also know that no matter how special your company and it’s offerings are, there are some basic services that must be taken care of. When your phones are ringing and people are looking for guidance, getting a pre-recorded voice mail message is NOT going to be a suitable response. Having a person answer the phone, one who can give your caller some good information, and who can put them in touch with the right person, now that’s great customer support.

Throughout California, Montana, Texas, Louisiana and Florida, people and companies are dealing with fires, floods and hurricane damage.  It’s just the beginning of hurricane season and there are already storms forming out in the ocean. Be prepared, set up an emergency plan for your business and your home as well.

The time to get your call services set up is BEFORE a disaster occurs, but it’s never too late to give us a call and get something going for your company.