Does Your Business Need Central Comm?

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I was at an informal networking group the other day and I heard something interesting. A local plumber was bemoaning the fact he may be losing business because he has so much work that it’s hard to keep up with the phone calls. He wasn’t in the group I was sitting with, so I waited until the meeting was breaking up to have a chat with him. I asked him is he had ever thought of using an answering service. He just gave me a blank look for a moment. 

It had never dawned on him to use an answering service. Answering Services, Virtual Receptionists Services and Dispatch services work just as well for services-based companies as they do for Attorneys and Physicians. When you are on a job site, we can take calls for you. If you give us access to your schedule, we can even set up appointments and if the call is urgent, we can text you to let you know there’s an emergency.

Central Comm will set up an 800 number and that means you won’t have to give out your personal cell number. Customers will still reach someone when they have questions, so they won’t be frustrated by getting a voice mail message instead of a person. At the same time, you won’t be getting calls that will disrupt your work flow. We think it’s a win win for all parties involved.


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